5 questions to...
Laura Pearson-Clark !

5 questions to... get to know Laura Pearson-Clark, artist and community arts champion.

"5 questions to..." is back! And this time, it is artist Laura Pearson-Clark who provides the answers. She runs Art in the Burrow, Sketchbook Wednesdays at Riverside Bar and Kitchen and is a brand new member of the EAF organising committee! Oh, and did we mention she'll be exhibiting at Babylon Arts Gallery during the Festival alongside other local female artists?

EAF: What is your favourite art form and why?

Laura Pearson-Clark: I love to paint and draw. I find the process of building up a composition, mixing colours, and mixing drawing techniques with paint so rewarding - I can get so absorbed in creating a piece that I have no concept of time passing!

Why did you decide to join the organising committee?

I feel proud of being part of the growing creative opportunities in my hometown of Ely. I'm a firm believer that Art is for everyone and should be made accessible to everyone- plans for this year's festival aim to do just that!

If you could share a meal with five artists dead or alive, who would they be? 

David Bowie, Babara Hepworth, Jim Ede, Laura Marling and Mina Lima Duo (Does a duo team count as one invite?!)

Can you describe the Ely Arts Festival in three words?

Fun, Essential and Inspiring!

If you were to write a novel, what would its title be?

The Adventures of Katie-Bear (that's my crazy incredibly fluffy cat!)

Thanks, Laura! We'll let you off the hook regarding the double invite... ;)