Pandora's Box

Responding Together with Hope

Tuesday 21st - Sunday 26th June 12PM - 4PM

Babylon Gallery - Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU

FREE event

We live in interesting times - Plague, War and Calamity are upon us, but so too are Shared Purpose and Hope. Well, we say, bring it on! Come join our week of co-curated art, music, conversation, reading and thinking at Babylon Gallery in Ely to create a literal Pandora’s Box. Respond actively to today’s complexities and have some fun in the process.

The ancient story of Pandora’s Box tells of a woman who opens a vessel she has been told not to and releases untold evils into the world. But the box was actually a storage jar. Some versions say it was her husband who opened it; others say a passing god. Hope was the only thing left inside.

So many global challenges have been released into our world in the last few years. Our menu of co-created events is to encourage response and reaction, from poetry readings and music recitals, to sewing, sketching and singing. Be brave, open your hearts and bring your friends!

Hazel Keelan and Nicky Saunter, artists and friends, host this week of events at Babylon Gallery, Ely.