Written and performed by Andrew O’Hanlon, with objects.

Directed by Iestyn Evans

Dramaturgy by Alicia Britt

Artwork by Amy Wormald

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams”


Theatre Production

Tuesday 28th June 7PM (Performance runs for 1 hour followed by a 20 min Q&A)

Adams Heritage Centre - 17 Main St, Littleport CB6 1PH

FREE event but please book in advance.

A comedy about resistance to change, the force of will and our capacity to deal with anything; based on the life of educationalist Henry Morris, and told with objects and many of his own words. Morris was the originator of the village colleges and one of the greatest figures in education in the 20th century.

The Martin School in Littleport became a village college in 1972.

When things are hopeless, everything is against you and you’re losing your faith, it’s time to transform the world.

“Universal adult education is the one way available by which humanity can begin to effectively solve its problems and begin to make civilisation a success.”

From Henry’s unlikely beginnings in 1900s, his appointment to the poorest county in England –Cambridgeshire – where rural poverty, malnutrition and deadly disease were commonplace, to his groundbreaking contribution to the 1944 Education Act.

This is a tale for community organisers, social activists and anyone who wants to make the world a better place.

“Imagination invented Penicillin - ram that down the throat of the next Philistine you meet.”