Edge of the Fens

Edge of the Fens

Thursday 17th June to Sunday 11th July | Open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm

Babylon Gallery, Ely | Free Entry

To live on the edge of the fens is to find yourself always tipping into the open. Vast skies, chequerboard fields and the waterways that seem to hold it all together – they are at once both familiar and intensely strange.

In this exhibition, Annie Brown, Ruth E Blundell, Di Cope and Annie Neild explore the light, line, and texture of the fens that form a backdrop to their everyday lives. Featuring paintings on canvas, wood, and paper, felted textile works and drawings on fabric, Edge of the Fens offers a variety of perspectives on the unique and wonderful landscape of the local area.

Babylon Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm with free entry.